Current Employment

Postdoctoral Fellows      
Dr. Victor German Sendra Ph.D. University of Cordoba, Argentina 06/11-06/13 Instructor, Tufts Medical School, MA
Dr. Vandana Kaul Ph.D. International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, India 03/13-06/14 Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University, CA
Dr. Gabrielle Romain Ph.D., Institute of Emerging Diseases and Innovative Therapies, France 03/12-07/16 Scientist, Cell Design Labs, CA
Graduate students      
Anthony Lie MS, Chemical Engineering, UH 09/10-09/12 Associate Technical Professional, KBR Houston
Thai Vu MS, Chemical Engineering, UH 09/11-08/13 Graduate student UH
Balakrishnan Ramesh PhD, Chemical Engineering, UH 09/10-10/15 Scientist, Muufri, CA
Ivan Liadi PhD, Chemical Engineering, UH 09/10-07/15 Postdoctoral researcher, MD Anderson Cancer Center, TX
Undergraduate students      
Timothy Henderson BS, Chemical Engineering, Villanova Summer 2011 Technical Engineer at Hospira
Tracy Ngu BS, Chemical Engineering, UH Summer 2011 Process Engineer / Specialist I at Technip
Soumili Chatterjee BS, Biomedical Engineering, UH Fall 2011 PhD candidate at Case Western Reserve University
Adeline Mah BS, Chemical Engineering, UH 06/12-06/13 PhD candidate at University of Houston (Materials Science)
MyLinh Nguyen BS, College of Technology, UH 09/12-06/13 PhD candidate at UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Brandon Foley BS, Chemical Engineering, Wisconsin Summer 2013 Senior, UW, Madison
Fatoumatta Dibba BS, Chemical Engineering, UH Spring 2014 Junior, UH
Justin Joseph BS, Mathematical Biology Spring 2014 Senior, UH
Jennifer Lu BS, Chemical Engineering, Johns Hopkins Summer 2014 Senior, Johns Hopkins