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Start-up Companies from Single-Cell Lab


Auravax provides a differentiated approach for the generation of Next-Gen vaccines. The company highlights an emphasis on COVID-19, a validated approach, platform technology, and ultimately addressing unmet needs.


CellChorus provides high throughput, dynamic analysis of single cells. The company’s TIMING™ platform applies visual AI to evaluate cell activation, killing and movement as a function of time in order to maximize our understanding of cellular function, state and phenotype.

List of Patents

  1. Christopher Love, Navin Varadarajan, Boris Juelg and Bruce Walker (2009) “Composition and methods for assessing cytotoxicity of single cells”. PCT/US2009/050411. Granted: US9244071B2
  2. Navin Varadarajan, Gabrielle Romain, Ivan Liadi, Victor Sendra, and Badrinath Roysam (2015) “Integrated Functional and Molecular Profiling of Immune Cells”. PCT/US2016/024519. Granted: US10746736B2
  3. Navin Varadarajan and Irfan Bandey (2016) “Enzymatic immunomodulation of tumors”. PCT/US2016/033550. Granted: US10874724B2
  4. Navin Varadarajan, Richard Willson and Jay R T Adolacion (2016) “Broad spectrum serological diagnostics”. PCT/US2016/033722
  5. Navin Varadarajan, Gabrielle Romain, Laurence Cooper and Harjeet Singh (2017) “Combination therapy combining CAR+  T cells with appropriately timed immunomodulatory antibodies”. PCT/US2016/048135
  6. Navin Varadarajan (2017) “Multi-use combined micro and nanowell plates”. PCT/US2016/054737
  7. Navin Varadarajan, Shaza Abnouf and Ramesh Balakrishnan (2019) “Engineered chymotrypsins and uses thereof”. PCT/US2020/027418
  8. Navin Varadarajan, Melisa Martinez, Irfan N Bandey, and Harjeet Singh (2019) “Methods of improving the longevity of immune cells”. PCT/US2020/028727
  9. Navin Varadarajan and Fatemeh Sadeghi (2021) “Salicylic acid-inducible gene expression compositions and systems for cells”. PCT/US2021/60685
  10. Navin Varadarajan and Xinli Liu (2021) “Treatment and prevention of conditions associated with respiratory diseases”. PCT/US2021/42684
  11. Navin Varadarajan and Xinli Liu (2021) “Treatment and prevention of conditions associated with respiratory diseases”. PCT/US2021/57825
  12. Navin Varadarajan and Irfan Bandey (2021) “Methods of use of genetically modified immune cells expressing matrix metallopeptidase 8”. (provisional) US 63/263,818
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